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Publication Printing Installs New 4-Color Press

Another important capital investment for Pub Printing is the recent installation of a new Shinohara 66IV 4-Color Press. Increased quality, automation and faster production speeds combine to enhance our ability to offer even more competitive pricing.

Truck in Press
The press arrives after uncrating and staging by American Crane.
swing in press
The big swing – the largest component is craned into the building.
set up press
After installation, wiring and testing, Marty does the first make-ready.


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litho press

With just a few months of production – it still has that "new-press" smell. It has been an important addition to our complement of 10 other offset and digital presses.

Some of the new technology includes:

Automatic plate changers roll the plate around the cylinders and lock them in place with register pins.

The Shinohara's new CIP-3 station scans the plate for image density and robotic motors adjust the 96 ink density keys so that the first sheets during make-ready have the correct settings. This dramatically cuts down the time required for make-ready and reduces paper and ink waste.

Shinohara Pre-Inking System (SPIS) pre-inks the rollers so that the press is prepared to deliver balanced color within the first few sheets.

Double diameter impression and transfer cylinders enhance print quality and eliminate ghosting found on earlier generation presses.

The press operator runs the controls – including registration and color control – from a master console, saving time and materials.

Other features include: Automatic Plate Clamp Cocking System, a Baldwin Water Cooling/Recirculating System, Automatic Blanket Wash-Up System and other refinements all lead to a better quality end product with much shorter production times.

We have been able to reduce make-ready times to less than 10 minutes between jobs. This has allowed for more production per shift and helps us meet our customers' quick response requirements.

This new press has made us recalibrate our quoting process. We are now able to offer our customers even more competitive pricing and enhanced image quality.

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