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QR Codes – New Marketing Tool

These new codes are sprouting up everywhere. The "QR" stands for Quick-Response or sometimes Quick-Reference codes. They were developed years ago and are widely used in Europe and Japan. This little 2-dimensional barcode can pack lots of information – some versions can digest more than 4,000 characters of information into that tiny space. To read them you need a Smartphone or handheld scanner with a QR code reader application.

QR Codes can be used for inventory control, shipping, data tagging, filing systems, and product identification – however their real power is when it is used in your marketing strategies to connect with those mobile prospects who live off of their smart phones and computers.

qr code omaha print

The most powerful use of the QR codes is to create a link to a website or a webpage with a special offer or specific content. This is a link between the worlds of print and internet mediums. These can be used in your mail campaigns, labeling, point-of purchase displays.

The QR code allows your prospects to get to your website without the need of typing out the long website address and page URL's.

Publication Printing has the expertise and capability to create a QR code with your specific content and then reproduce it on anything you can imagine.

Other creative uses of QR Codes include signage for real estate that allows you to drive by, snap the code then preview all of the information, photos and videos on the property.

Signage in public spaces will also become common soon. Zoos are now including them next to the animal habitats so that they can share more detailed information on the animals.

Bottom line, these QR codes will soon be on all of your company company communication collateral. It will be more common than listing your fax number. In fact, it very well may lead to the end of your fax machine. Ultimately, it's a simple tool that allows your customers to access your information more easily. Contact Publication Printing to learn how we can make them work for you.



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